Bavarian Demon Cortex Gyro



Elite Aerosports is proud to offer the all new Bavarian Demon Cortex Gyro unit.  Gyros (particularly this ultra-high-quality gyro) are very powerful tools.  This Cortex is optimized for fixed-wing aircraft, and has many, many uses:

  • For all aircraft, to provide a very easy and predictable landing sequence with crosswind workload drastically reduced for the pilot, and smoothness increased for less abuse and damage and better landings every time.
  • For small aircraft, to provide extreme additional stability in wind, providing a much more convincing “big plane” experience in many flight modes.
  • For aerobatic aircraft, to reduce pilot workload in learning and performing maneuvers by holding attitude on unused axes.
  • For all aircraft, to expand the number of flying days per season by reducing the annoying effects of wind.
  • For 3D aircraft, to expand the useful CG range for additional 3D performance.
  • For all pilots, to provide a real-world adjustable training aid that provides the desired amount of additional stability which can be progressively reduced as the pilot desires.
  • For new pilots, to add confidence to first flights and new aircraft experiences.

The Cortex Gyro is a new kind of onboard tool for RC aircraft.  The ability to dial in the exact desired amount of additional stability, which acts intelligently and transparently to smooth out the flying experience and add confidence, will help any pilot to improve.  For aircraft that are particularly difficult to fly, such as some very heavy scale and turbine aircraft, the Cortex is a great addition to your flight setup to reduce your workload while in the air – and let you enjoy flying.

Selectable gain means that you can select when you want strong gyro effect and when you don’t, with just the flip of a switch.  You control when you have a totally “locked in” feeling (at the highest setting, you can literally “park” the aircaft in hover and it will maintain that attitude automatically), and when the additional stability is transparent, acting only to damp out wind gusts.  It’s all up to you with the Cortex.

For some pilots, the Cortex will be the powerful tool they have been looking for (for a very long time!) to allow them to dial-in just that additional bit of stability that they need to progress to the next level – and to keep varying that stability as needed to keep moving forward as a pilot.  The Cortex mounts to your aircraft with included adhesive pads, and is small enough to use on parkflyers if desired, or on your precious giant scale aircraft.  Give yourself the power and flexibility of that extra edge of stability when you need it.  With a Cortex unit onboard your plane, you are more in control than ever.


  • Easy to Run: simply plug in your current control signals
  • No PC necessary
  • Supports – 2 Aileron, 2 Elevator, 1 Rudder
  • Supports various receiver systems – S.Bus, Spektrum, JR, Futaba
  • Software and firmware updates via Web


  • Dimensions: 36 x 34 x 14 mm
  • Supply voltage: 4…10 V (2S-LiPo-compatible, min. 5.5V using Spektrum/JR satellites)
  • Max. roll & pitch rotational speed: 500°/s
  • Max. tail rotational speed: 650°/s (typical)
  • Servo frame rate: 55Hz / 220Hz selectable
  • Tail servo output: 1.520µs / 760µs selectable
  • Maximum servo currents: Total 10A (continuous load)
  • Weight: approx. 18g (without cable loom)
  • Length of connecting cables to receiver: 90 mm


Price: $349.99