EA Havoc EZ

Our Havoc line of models has been a huge success from intermediate to advanced pilots around the world. Now we have the best “next step.” If you are ready to take the step into high quality composite jet models and have some experience with EDF or turbine models, the new Havoc EZ is perfect for you. Our high quality composite materials and paint finishes are second to none and are our signature traits and these very same qualities are retained on this model as well. The EZ is a zero compromise approach to an introductory turbine model.

Careful thought has gone into the EZ’s wing design to achieve greater lift, a lifting airfoil, and generous wing area that will retain the very well known performance of the Havoc lineup. The EZ will have incredible performance and land like a breeze! The Havoc EZ sports a 2M wingspan that will break down easily and fit in small(er) transport vehicles.
If you currently own a Havoc GTS, EZ wing sets are available for purchase separately. Simply provide detailed photos of your model and wing root as well as the top and bottom.


  • Wingspan: 2.0M / 79 inches
  • Length: 2.0M / 79 inches
  • Weight: 20-22lbs dry
  • Turbine: 70-100N

Havoc EZ kit $2995 (includes hardware and linkages.

Optional Accessories:

  • 3L fuel tank with fittings $180
  • Stainless steel pipe $180
  • Electron landing gear with RB-45 controller $895 or GS 200 add $100
  • JP landing gear option $500
  • Custom paint scheme add $300
  • EZ wing set $999 (For customers who already own a Havoc GTS)
  • Custom Wire Harness $299
  • REVOC custom Wing, stab and fin covers $350
  • JR 8911HV servos qty 5, JR S3911HV servos qty 3 (Call for pricing)
  • Digitech UAT 100ML $100
  • Custom build service $1200-1500