Ultra Bandit

"Ultra" Bandit
“Ultra” Bandit

• The Ultra Bandit is flight test proven to endure 200 mph and extreme aerobatics.
• It has a generous wing area with built-in washout for very stable slow flight and landings.
• Large control surfaces for “square corner” aerobatics.
• Extra large landing flaps delete the need for speed brake devices and allow very slow landings.
• Model grass field suitable – because it is big and powerful, can take off and land in short distances.
• Easy field assembly – We designed the 98” long “Ultra” for quick assembly, allowing convenient transport to the model field. There are 2 screws and 2 servo connections per wing and stab and just 2 set screws for the fin, and if necessary, the aft fuse section can be removed with 4 set screws and 3 servo connections. With the wings removed, the Ultra Bandit will fit into many SUV’s. We make a special Jet Cradle to make your Ultra even easier to transport and work on.

• One generous size hatch on the top of the fuselage allows access to radio, fuel system and the engine, and make fuel and electrical connections, etc..

• For total access to the engine and fuel tanks, and, to further reduce the transport size of the “Ultra”. The aft fuse detaches as shown. The stainless steel tubes and machined aluminum receptacles are factory installed for perfect alignment.

• The aerodynamic wing fillet is complete when the molded aft fairing is in place.
• Flying surface skins are laminated with balsa instead of the usual foam used in ARF’s. The balsa adds “grain strength” and allows less of the internal structure to show through. BVM’s proprietary skin laminating process also minimizes the balsa and fiberglass grain from printing through.

• In the interest of simplicity and low maintenance, we designed the main struts and gear mounting to eliminate the need for inner wheel well doors. By design, the main wheels are flush with the bottom wing skin in the retracted position. This technique is used on the Boeing 737 and some corporate jets.

• The heavy duty retracts and struts are specifically designed for the “Ultra” and can handle the loads.

The Single Seat Canopy Hatch
accepts (1) 1/5th Scale or 1/6th Scale Pilot

The Dual Seat Canopy Hatch
accepts (2) 1/6th Scale Pilots
• Vacuum formed and resin molded plastic parts provide a quick-to-assemble and convincing cockpit interior. The clear canopy is of quality that only BVM can produce.
• Fin Shape – Swept or Standard, your choice.
• Fuel System design – no C.G. shift with burn-off.
• No ballast is required, even with the Big Engine version. Battery pack location can be adjusted for fine tuning the Center-of-Gravity to fit your flight style preference.
• Surface hinges are factory installed for the elevators, ailerons and flaps. The rudder is center hinged with machined carbon fiber parts, because that is best for this control surface.

• The rudder torque rod linkage is factory installed and disengages with fin removal. Factory installed machined aluminum brackets retain the fin and stabs. The rudder servo is installed in the fuselage avoiding any external linkage.

• The optional under wing tanks add to the pleasant appearance and visual orientation of the “Ultra” and are extremely easy to put on and remove. Just a pull on the EZ Hangar trigger, that’s it. The pylons are molded onto the tanks as a one piece unit.

• Wing Hard Points (for external tank mounts and bomb pylons) – Factory installed with pilot holes.
• Factory painting techniques produce a seamless ARF fuselage.

• Telemetry System (optional) provides real time data throughout your flight. They provide airspeed, altitude, G-forces and many other parameters when used with a pitot tube and the BVM pitot tube mount This faired mount also supports speed limiting devices.
• About 60hrs of assembly gets you in the air. Most of that time involves mounting the radio and engine equipment.
• And the best part of all is the Ultra’s flight profile, it is unmatched in the world of sport jets. From its super stable slow flight, and in-the-box aerobatics, to its all out high speed and accurate knife edge, the Ultra Bandit will prove to be the favorite of serious jet pilots.
The people of BVM say “It’s our best effort”, and we are proud that we make all of it in our Florida, USA factory.

Proud Of Their Work
The Ultra Bandit is 100% manufactured in our WinterSprings, Fl. factory and these gentlemen are justly proud. They know that the Ultra’s reputation for being the “Best in the World” is the result of their talents and dedication.