wingspan: 66″ (1,000 sq in)
length: 77″
weight: 17-19 Lbs
engine thrust: 12-20 Lbs
speed range: 35-200mph

A Refined ARF Sport Jet for 11 to 18lb thrust turbines – grass field capable

The BobCat is an all composite molded ARF that can be flight ready in a minimum amount of assembly time. It is medium sized with many advanced features of the larger KingCat.
Its slow flight and landing characteristics are enhanced with the huge flaps and generous control surfaces. The BobCat Composite will do it all with less expensive 8 or 9 channel radios and does not require a gyro.
The BobCat Composite is the easiest-to-land jet in our inventory – just watch them at the shows.

Major Kit Components

A vaccum bagged, epoxy glass and foam laminate with BVM laser cut internal support structure produces extremely strong and light weight components. Our flight test team has demonstrated that the BobCat Composite can take all the G’s you can throw at it. The over-built, dual aluminum tube supported wing and stab structures are designed to last. And, the boom/fin moldings include Carbon Fiber cloth for extra strength.
BVM ARF’s emphasize strength, quality of manufacture and absolutely complete hardware packages. Fully detailed plans and instructions leave no “guess work” for you.

Precision Undercarriage

From the ground up, the BobCat’s landing gear system was designed specifically to do the job, and its precision manufacturing processes are accomplished in our Florida factory.
The complete system includes BVM’s Jet Wheels & Brakes utilizing 2-5/8” tires on the mains and 2-1/4” on the nose.
A “controlled travel” flex mounting system, along with the proper selection of the strut springs, provide just the right amount of “give” during stressful operation.

Fuel System

The primary fuel is carried in multi-layered Kevlar tanks mounted in the center fuse section over the C.G. Due to the large volume of the tanks (2.0L.), baffles are installed to stabilize the fuel during acrobatics.
For 19+# thrust turbines, an additional 1/2 Liter hopper tank is included. The U.A.T. (Ultimate Air Trap) acts as an air bubble eliminator and final filter. You can expect totally reliable 9-10 minute flights with your BobCat Composite.