EA Picaro

The Picaro resembles its larger stablemate, the Rogue but it is more than merely a reduced size version. The Picaro was reduced to approximate the Havoc SS size but the wings and stabs were substantially increased in size by 15%. In addition, we also added inlets and conformal fuel cells to the Picaro. The increase in flying surface area made for a very light “feel” on the sticks but retained the precision EA models have come to be known for and incredibly stable slow flight characteristics that made for some amazing low and slow passes and mains first “wheelie” landings. The Picaro is 2.25M /88.5 inches in wingspan and weighed in at 42lbs dry with 210N turbine and fits in a Tahoe with room to spare even with the vertical fin attached. It’s very easy to transport but if needed the aft section can be removed with 4 easy to access bolts. The prototype was assembled by our very own Scott Marr who did a standard build without lights or smoke and it only took about 3-4 days. The model also balanced with only the batteries on the battery trays so no need for extra ballast. The Picaro comes with extensive hardware, thrust pipe, Electron landing gear and conformal fuel cells and is now ready for production and we invite you to be among the very first Picaro owners!

Scheme Type A

Scheme Type B

Scheme Type C

Scheme Type D

Scheme Type E (Stock)


  • Wingspan: 2.25m / 88.5 inches
  • Length: 2.75m / 108 inches
  • Weight: 40-42 Lbs
  • Power: 180-220N

Kit Includes:

  • Hardware
  • High-Flow fuel fittings
  • 5.5L Conformal fuel cells
  • Stainless dual wall thrust pipe
  • Electron landing gear with GS-200 controller
  • Standard Wing, fin and stab covers

Kit Features:

  • Extensive Prefabrication
  • Painted outside mold with clear coat finish
  • All composite sandwich layup
  • Center hinged rudder for precise centering and max throw
  • Two piece fuselage disassembles easily
  • Removable fins and stabs with one bolt
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement throughout
  • Carbon fiber wing and spar tubes
  • Fuselage, wing, rudder and stab covers
  • Diverse speed envelope, highly maneuverable while maintaining outstanding slow speed performance
  • Introductory Kit Price $6795 (Type E stock scheme)
  • Scheme Type A,B,C and D $6995
  • Custom schemes available $7495

Optional Accessories:

  • Picaro Cockpit and Canopy $299
  • Custom Wire Harness $299
  • Smoke tank and smoke hardware $149
  • Large size UAT $125
  • 8 HV servos ( JR 8911S $149.99 ea.)
  • Revoc wing/stab/rudder bags in black, red or grey $350 Matching custom scheme set $550 Fuse bag $300
  • Painted matching Wing tanks $299
  • Picaro light set $399
  • Custom build service $1500 and up