Jet Central Rabbit

Jet Central Rabbit
Jet Central Rabbit


Thrust 10.16 Kg (22.4 Lbs) @ 152,000 RPM
Idle Thrust: 0.36 Kg (0.8 Lbs)
RPM 42,000 – 152,000 RPM
Weight 1.12 Kg (2 Lbs 7.5 oz), with starter
Diameter 91 mm (3.582 inches)
Length 245 mm (9.645 inches), with starter
Exhaust Temperature 500°C -700°C (932°F – 1292°F)
Fuel: Jet A-1, 1-K kerosene or Diesel mixed with 2%-2.5% 2 stroke synthetic oil
Fuel Consumption: @ 152,000 rpm 12.5 oz/min (360 ml/min)
Lubrication:2.5% Turbine Oil mixed in the fuel
Maintenance Interval: 25 hours
These specs are converted to sea level @ 15deg celsius / 59 deg Fahrenheit

RABBIT 100 Turbine Complete
Set with Auto Start includes:

I.C.S1 (Intelligent Control System)
HDT (Hand Data Terminal and Programmer)
Fuel pump
Electronic starting gas valve
Electronic fuel valve
Fuel tubing, tubing connector set, filters, and cable set
2S – 2P, 7.4v Duralite Li Ion battery pack
Starting gas tank
Turbine SAFETY mounting clamps
Detailed instruction manual

Price $2,795.00

Price: $2,795.00